In the year 2018,
the Bedouin village of Khan al Ahmar was almost destroyed,
because it sits at a strategic location.

Thanks to the support of local and international activists,
as well as the attention from international media,
the village was saved from destruction.

This project was inspired by those events.

We are using photogrammetry & volumetric processes
to capture & preserve a culture,
traditions, and spaces threatened
to be destroyed in real life.

We are leveraging immersive storytelling to create alternative futures.

so that the process of digitization becomes an important act of preservation,
heritage protection, and futures design

Today, some 100 Bedouin communities  live in Area C of the West Bank,
following the unique lifestyleof herder communities.

Like the village of Khirbat Humsa destroyed in 2019,
many of these villages are threatened
to be destroyed any day now.

“We are living in an imagination battle.
If you can’t imagine your freedom,
then you will never achieve it
- Terry Marshall